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Garage floor affected by concrete rot and how to repair HOME IMPROVEMENT TECH BLOG 

Garage floor affected by concrete rot and how to repair

Can garage floor be affected by concrete rot?

A garage floor with concrete decay is a destitute substrate for floor paint. Therefore, the carbonation in the garage floor must be repaired before you start working with paint or coating. You can do this yourself, but for severely damaged floors it is better to call in a professional. Sometimes the entire garage floor has to be replaced to address the concrete decay sufficient. This is the best garage floor coating

Concrete decay occurs in the core of the garage floor and therefore interferes with the inside of the floor. Thereby carbonation often only detected when the external symptoms are already visible. Carbonation in the garage floor can be identified by cracks in the floor, broken pieces of concrete, crumbling edges, reddish or brown-colored stains on the garage floor and exposed rusted armaments.

Repair garage floor by carbonation

To restore carbonation in your garage floor, then first remove any loose pieces of concrete and crumbling edges. Do this until you can see the “healthy” steel reinforcement. Rusted armaments can be treated with a primer, so corrosion is encapsulated and can not affect the other armament. You can then fill the resulting gaps in the garage floor with epoxy mortar. Do not use a leveling compound, since it requires a long drying time and, moreover, is not porous enough to allow it to bond on floor paint or coating.

Chances are the repair of concrete decay in your garage floor that the floor is uneven. So make reparation after you make the garage floor is flat and smooth before painting or coating. A variety of methods and resources are available, read a good preparation for our articles on the development of the substrate elsewhere on this site.

Choose the right coating for your garage floor

You want your garage floor with a coat. But there are very many coatings on the market. Which coat you need for your garage floor depends on the type of garage floor and the load on the floor. A garage floor at home presents very different demands on a floor coating than a company garage floor. The garage floor is again taxed quite differently than other types of garage floors. It is not easy to find a sheet for any garage floor.

When coating to protect the garage floor with the average load, you can choose a garage floor coating as dust binder acts on concrete and cement floors. We recommend EP Floor Coating to a pigmented two component coating garage floors. The coating is extremely durable.

Waterborne garage coating: This is an excellent coating for garage floors that are responsible for relatively little. The coating is easy to apply and easy to use in, for example, the private garage or a storage space. Many shops sell these sheets under the name EP Floor Coating. This coating for your garage floor is available in almost every color imaginable.

2 component coating for garage floors: If you want an active coating that you can apply to virtually any surface, and you can even put a slip-resistant surface for added security, we recommend a two component primer ultimate and two layers of Floor Coating HQ for to buy garage floor. This coating can be for the application to concrete, sand, cement and anhydrite screeds, but also of asphalt and concrete floors, wood, and metal. When applying to metal, it is important that you treat the metal with an anticorrosive metal primer.

Coating the garage floor and other floors

You can also use the garage coatings for coating a workshop floor or floor in a storage shed. And there are much more options for the garage coating. Also in warehouses, factories and other industrial or business environments are coatings garage namely in place.

Proceed at a rough garage floor

If your garage floor is not entirely neat or plane, we talk of a hard garage floor. An uneven garage floor is not an ideal surface for floor paint because the result will not be taut and smooth and make the rough parts even after the application of floor paint or coating are difficult to clean and maintain. That is not what you want when you paint or coating your garage floor. Fortunately, you can relatively easily yourself again smooth the rough garage floor and leveling.

As with all paint jobs, you should also prepare your garage floor well before you can paint it. If after removing dust and grease from the garage floor there is a light crude garage floor, you can scour it with a diamond grinder. These can be rented from a tool rental company.

Prepare for rough garage floor

For a very rough or uneven garage floor or a garage floor containing larger holes and cracks, however, there are sheds insufficient. We advise you first to apply a screen on the very rough garage floor. A screed layer consists of two components: epoxy resin and a filler. These two elements you must first well to mix. Once done, you take the screen to the hard garage floor. The screen has a self-leveling effect, making him holes, cracks, and bumps nicely. This provides a smooth and flat garage floor on which you can then use as a substrate for flooring and paint overcoat device.

When mixing and applying the screen on your hard garage floor, it is important that there are no air bubbles in that layer. Prevents air bubbles from mixing the screed quiet. Mixing can be done best by machine, but with the drilling machine on the lowest setting. If you are not quite sure after applying the screen that all air individuals have disappeared, then go a bit with a spiked roller over the screen. So just remove all optionally during mixing or applying anonymous function using curly bubbles.

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