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Sunscreen for the balcony

Yes, we love the sun, but to many a summer day, it can still be boiling. Just on the terrace can there be more healthy for the body and mind, to protect them from the direct sunlight. We will show you that there are the possibilities of sun protection for your patio.


It is probably the classic of the canopy. Whether for rolling or folding, electrically or by hand, it is an ideal sunscreen. Different models adapt to the realities of the house and terrace. Depending on the weather conditions it is exposed to, the choice of fabric should be – as it has also simultaneously integrated a rain protection at best. It is common to opt for a cheap pop up canopies for sale for home use.


Shelter looks great and conveys holiday feeling. The wide, mostly white awning of synthetic fibers not only provide ample shade but are also very flexible canopy. Various sizes of rectangles or trapezoids can be customized according to requirements, but also standardized Awning often correspond to the desired dimensions that provide sun protection. They also take on the terrace no footprint and keep strong wind gusts stood.

With the suspension of the awning, it is important to perform the changing position of the sun in mind. Should the morning calm a little sun terrace access or should find the sun protection for the whole day is? After these considerations, the awning is anchored – stable wall mount and floor poles are best used for. It is important to make sure that you schedule a 30-degree slope – this can prevent that water collects on the awning and exerts excessive load.


The parasol is a faithful companion – every year it can be brought out of the shed again, driving us to the beach or picnic. Even the summer rain he keeps standing and serves as protection against rain. The advantages of an umbrella are visible: They are usually flexible, quick to assemble and disassemble, and color in the form of very versatile. In addition to the classic mast in the middle is as a sunscreen for the balcony particularly a free arm parasol, where the screen near the mast of commutes. Thus, the entire space will be used under the umbrella – similar to the awning.


Another way to sunscreen is a pergola – a construct, usually made of wood, which spans with awnings or canopies, or is also planted for sun protection, for example with wine, climbing roses or Campus.

Moreover, there are still many unconventional ways to make sun protection for the balcony. From hanging clothes over plants to the design with tree branches or wood of the imagination knows no boundaries.
We show the best sunscreen: From great DIY variants to a chic awning you can find new inspiration for your terrace!

Here are some ideas for the sunscreen for entrance:

Triangular Awning

The triangular canopy like a sail stretched over the seating area by the pool – looking, practical and without end holiday flair.

Awning for patio

Stretches like a trapezoid on the terrace: the awning of Pina Design.

Awning made to measure

Practically, if an awning can be rolled up – so it can be the size of the terrace, but also the need for sunscreen to be adjusted. In the light, it also serves as a comfortable rainwear. From awning to measure / Textile sun protection technology.

Awning for patio

Large-scale awning with wall mount and masts

Sun protection on the patio

With four meters in diameter of the umbrella, it donates the dining area plenty of shade, without the central pole in the way.

Patio furniture made of wood

The trolley consists of eucalyptus wood and is available at Ikea. A cart is used everywhere and also provides …

Pagoda screen

The umbrellas shine in bright colors – perfect to set a course.

Yellow awning

The awning of Markilux not only acts as a sunscreen but may be in the evening still used to protect against the wind and make the terrace pleasant: it has integrated halogen lights.

Striped awning

In classic striped look, the cassette awning comes, which can be automatically retracted and extended.

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