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Vacuum broom buying guide

An upright vacuum cleaner is a home cleaning appliance that is attracting more and more homes. Lightweight, handy, wireless and bag, it is rapidly mobilized for daily cleaning of your home.

An upright vacuum cleaner is a tool reserved for small-time cleaning your home, and it does the job well. The top models are famous for their power, robust and autonomous, and can often replace a sled vacuum cleaner, and sometimes can be the best car vacuum when you need to suck your car with the absent of a car vacuum cleaner.

The buying guide upright vacuum cleaner in 2016

Here is our buying guide for you to facilitate the best choice and meet your needs. So we advise you to pay particular attention to the following:

  • Solidity and reliability, because it is the principal guarantee of longevity for your machine
  • Power and voltage this will determine the effectiveness of the upright vacuum cleaner
  • Autonomy and battery type to allow greater freedom in the household and choose the device that suits your needs.
  • Maneuverability and ease of use of an upright vacuum cleaner must first be comfortable!
  • Maintenance because it is at this point that we do not want to waste time!

Robustness and reliability

These are two key points in choosing an upright vacuum cleaner because it is they that will condition the life of the device, and the problems that you may encounter during use. So do not expect us to introduce you to vacuum cleaners seen teleshopping and manufactured in China.

All models we compare are from reputable brands in the field of household and which we trust both from a standpoint of the products of the service back in case of trouble on a device. So you should have no surprises!

Power and voltage

These two criteria are taken into account in choosing an upright vacuum cleaner. First of all, the power of the upright vacuum cleaner in watts will determine the quality of aspiration. That is more powerful vacuum cleaner is better it will suck. However, manufacturers are often very “talkative” on the power of their devices so that this information is hard to find for most models! That is why it will fall back on the voltage of the battery in volts, which is almost always mentioned.

The higher the voltage is, the higher the power will also be. The voltage electrical devices vary between 12 and 30 V.

Many devices have a power inverter, often two-speed or booster function, for passing on all types of surfaces, soft, hard, brittle or not and therefore to increase the versatility of the device without risk damage to different soils of your home.

Autonomy and battery type

The battery life of the upright vacuum cleaner is another criterion of choice when wishing to invest in this type of device, for obvious reasons of flexibility and ease of use. Depending on the model, the autonomy of the upright vacuum cleaner range from 15 minutes to 50 minutes.

If you have a small or inside the upright vacuum cleaner remains in the living room, fifteen minutes remaining seem sufficient for small daily adjustments. By cons, if you launch yourself in a large household, this could soon slow, and you do not satisfy you, particularly since the charge time of the battery is relatively long!

From the point of view of the battery, there are two types:

The NiMh battery, usually found on entry-level models, is not very expensive, but it discharges quickly and takes a long time to recharge it (up to 16 hours!)

The lithium-ion battery, which equips the majority of portable electrical equipment, is a little more expensive but lasts longer in use and can be recharged in a few hours.


The upright vacuum cleaner is attracting more and more users and for good reason! Cordless, bag, compact and easy to handle, it is a household appliance complete and effective power, which determines the quality of aspiration, the battery life is an important criterion in choosing an upright vacuum cleaner. A low weight and a hand vacuum function will also be valuable in everyday life.

The models value that we compare does not replace the traditional sled vacuum cleaner for large household sessions.

If you want to get rid once and for all of your old vacuum cleaner, opt for a high-end model that will not disappoint you!


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