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Vacation in itself quite unnatural. Because it takes you quite out of your rhythm. Everything is different. The language, the food, the climate. For some people, it is true that a great adventure, but for others an outright nightmare and cause of homesickness, stress, and hassle. Which again ‘s hard because before you know, it enjoys throughout the campsite along with the marital troubles.

Camping dishes that can result in one pan, which are most useful at the camp, as far as I am now, camping cooking after five episodes. And preferably something not so carefully listen. Not regarding type ingredients, because you never know what you can find on the ground, and not regarding volume, because if those cozy family of two tents away suddenly continues to have dinner, then you can multiply things effortlessly.

But it should also be a little flexible about serving temperature. Nothing so annoying to be as pasta al dente exactly when suddenly plucked two rug rats out of the pool. Or mother at the rear neighbors still sprawled on the rosé is or father first went cooked will be complete. A salad-like something that can be eaten in all stages (hot, lukewarm, cold) so. But something that fills well, not just those feathery lettuce leaves. Such a day outdoors makes you hungry. Look, you will learn quickly from camping meal ideas:
the potato salad.

Those annoying kids? Marjoram Wiseman from Amersfoort sent exactly the inspiration I needed. She gave an extra tip for those with children, which I do not want to remember, “Since I have kids who are not all roughly chopped herbs like their food, you can be sure to get the mixer through the dressing. I call it namely green sauce, and it sounds to them a lot more attractive. But that’s more for home or rental apartment, then at the campsite. What is also nice but I do not always (again those cute kids) is to do one or two finely chopped shallots through it. “That is shallots, I found an indispensable addition, so chop them mostly very fine, then do any awkward eater particles nothing in his sights.

Baby potatoes Salad Recipe

The ingredient needed for four people:

600g potatoes
500g green beans
400g smoked chicken
100 g (unsalted) cashew nuts

The Dressing:

200ml crème fraîche
1 heaped tbsp mayonnaise
Three garlic cloves
One large shallot
salt and pepper
a handful of fresh herbs, either basil/parsley/chives

Start up with a pan of water that lasts the longest. Then add salt. Meanwhile, Wash the potatoes thoroughly, peel do not. That is precisely the fun of potatoes! And it’s vacation eh? Any large specimens may in half once, which is faster. Cut the beans into pieces. Now you can, of course, get the green beans 6-7 minutes or until al dente (biting it for a moment!), They fish from the pan with a slotted spoon and then cook the potatoes in the same water. The more adventurous as well as those without skimmer in the camping equipment, first do the potatoes in the pan and then after about 10 minutes the beans. The timing is risky: whole potatoes take longer than you think, and the beans are not naturally cooked to the simmer. So very exciting.

Meanwhile, in a large bowl put in the cream with the mayonnaise. The shallot very finely chops, like garlic. Mix with salt and pepper into the sauce. The chicken can into thin strips and also look through. Next, pour the cooked potatoes and beans and instant hot shuffle the dressing. Finally sprinkle the cashews it.


• Many people are tempted to rinse first cold potatoes and beans, but resist that urge! It is the still hot vegetables take the dressing much better. Since the salad is better from.
• Variation suggestions: broad beans instead of green beans. Or some finely chopped pickles and lemon juice for something sour spiced things always huge, just like a coat (coarse) mustard.
• Those who do not eat meat but fish, the chicken can be replaced by strips of smoked salmon.

Do you like this recipe? Hope you find this useful for your camping trip. Good luck with the cooking! For further information, visit

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