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We are well aware that the rest is critical in maintaining good physical and mental health. Therefore, on more than one occasion we’ve talked about the importance of the mattress when to sleep and maintain good postural health, offering tips for choosing the best and also to keep it in good condition. However, the mattress is not the only element that we must consider when providing a good rest. And the pillow also plays a key role.

In the market you can find different types of pillows, you can find models of various materials and heights. It is important that when choosing yours, you consider both your needs and your tastes. Today we want to give you the keys so you can choose the pillow that will allow you the best rest and, therefore, the opportunity to be at 100% of your abilities every day. To do so, we will rely on the advice of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). Want to join us?


Do you wake up with a sore neck or shoulders? For it is safest you’re sleeping on a pillow that will not fit your needs or that is in a bad condition, so we recommend that you do it with a new one. You have to keep in mind it is that this item should make your head, neck and spine are aligned, thus providing a good spinal posture will cause the muscles to relax. In this sense, the size of the pillow is an essential factor. So, keep in mind that the width of it should always be higher than the shoulders while the thickness and height depend on the position. In this sense, little (10 cm) are ideal for those who sleep face down; medium (12-13 cm) for those who sleep on their backs; and high (15 cm) for side sleepers.


When choosing the pillow must also take into account their fill. In the market, you will find different types, but the most common are filled with feathers, latex, synthetic or foam. The first of them are soft and suitable for those who sleep on their stomachs, but they are not recommended for healthy people, who move a lot while sleeping, allergic or small children. Meanwhile, latex pillows, whether synthetic, natural or mixed, are perfect for individuals who sleep on their side or corpulent, besides being suitable for allergy sufferers. In contrast, synthetic pillows are best suited for thin people and children. Finally, the foam is perfect for side sleepers, but not for those who move around a lot. It is recommended to opt for bamboo memory foam pillow.

What treatments fit my needs?

During the night, and it more or less, we secrete substances such as sweat or saliva. The pillow is. Therefore, a breeding ground for mites needs humid conditions to develop.

For allergy sleepers, we recommend using a pad receiving an anti-mite treatment applied on the pillowcase. This treatment is durable and resistant to washing.

How to find the ideal level of firmness?

Although the choice of the firmness of the pillow is a very personal choice, your position at night is an indicator to advise you:

  • The soft pad is suitable for people sleeping on the stomach.
  • Medium pad suitable for people rests lying on its side.
  • Pillow farm: ensures complete support for the sleepers lying comfort on the back.

The advice: Think also ergonomic pillows that offer you comfort in all positions.

Which pillow for my baby?

Because your child deserves attention and quality to match the importance of sleep, manufacturers continuously develop products to ensure maximum comfort and well-being. For this, we rely on European standards, a guarantee of reliability and quality. So choose the baby bedding of your choice with confidence.

Caring for the pillow

According to the OCU, the pad must be replaced every five years, although we buy another if we find that does not give us a good rest or if we find we get up with pains in the neck or shoulders. To keep it in good condition is essential usually it aerates and ventilate well once a week at least. You should also turn it not to deform and wear protection, which should be washed at least every two months. Finally, we recommend that you buy a washable pillow to wash once or twice a year and thus to extend its life.

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