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A beautiful garden is part of the house just to and this is most homeowners also critical. Who can such a piece of nature to call his own, which is allowed to appreciate happy and should use this green oasis to recharge it strength and energy? Of course, you want to spend proud garden owners also as much time as possible there, but just in case of rain, wind or even in blazing sunshine, it requires special protection to enable this project. Thus, to be able to use his garden even more versatile, you should consider as garden owners whether putting up a gazebo or other cheap tents for sale can not be a valuable contribution to the achievement of this project. A gazebo can significantly extend the period of use of garden and also allow some weather independence. You can directly buy a matching gazebo interested. Alternatively, you can buy party tents for special occasions.


The gazebo as perfect weather protection

A hot summer day is ideal to spend time in the garden or on the terrace. But often burns the sun so upside down that the heat is almost unbearable. Who wants to spend in such a situation the remaining sunny day indoors in the living room, rather than on the comfortable garden furniture. A gazebo here provides a perfect way to spend hot summer days outdoors and to be protected from any direct sunlight. That makes it much more pleasant for himself and his guests to spend the day out in the heat. With a gazebo can also be a short thundershower on a beautiful summer through, without getting wet or having to flee the house. Especially when one is just about having guests to organize a barbecue, and there is the consumption of the food, it would be even more unpleasant if you had to interrupt the intimate gathering with a brief thundershower.

Gazebos are available in various variants

Depending on the purpose for which you are looking for a gazebo and what space you have in your garden is available, you can choose from a wide variety of gazebo for the backyard. The gazebos are available in various sizes and shapes so that they will find the right model for both smaller and larger gardens. It is important always to note that the gazebo completely fits into the ambiance of the backyard and complements the overall picture of the green space. It should also provide ample space for garden chairs and armchairs, benches, and tables so that they are protected from the weather.

The selection according to size and shape

The perfect size of the garden gazebo depends on the number of persons who are to be found among them space. Anyone wishing to use the gazebo in the first place for the family, which is already well supplied with smaller models. However, if ten or more persons including find shelter at the next garden party or at the next birthday party, so the model should be even larger.


The shape of the gazebo plays in using a decisive role because the floor plan is very different in rectangular, hexagonal or polygonal models. Important when buying the right gazebo is that you know which garden furniture is to be found among them space. After that, not only the size but also the shape of the backyard gazebo oriented.

The significant advantage of gazebo over screens is that they are very stable for one and provide more space for the other. The fact that the anchoring of the garden gazebo spread over at least four stands, the security is much higher than in an ordinary screen. Also in the middle of the gazebo no annoying position, so that the space inside can be used much more efficiently.

The material of the gazebo as a quality criterion

In the frame of a gazebo should pay particular attention, because, after all, there is the whole construct the necessary stability. It should not be saved at the wrong place and be included on a high-quality level. Finally, the gazebo is secure and firm on its site and is not already withering away with every little breeze. In this context, the material from which the frame of the gazebo is made plays an essential role. The gazebo can be both wooden and aluminum or steel.

Wooden racks

A wooden frame has the significant advantage that it perfectly fits into the atmosphere of the garden because wood is a natural product. It is also very robust and weatherproof, so the frame throughout the year can be left outdoors. Because of its naturalness to enjoy gazebos wooden a growing popularity, especially since the material wood is also very flexible and can use it to create a variety of gazebo designs.

Aluminum frames

The benefits lie in its lightweight and its lightweight construction way. Thus, the structure is very easy to transport and therefore also suitable for mobile use. The simple joining of aluminum poles makes the structure without the use of tools possible so that smaller models can also be quickly brought to the beach or the swimming pool.

Steel Racks

Who but more on stability and robustness sets the value that can also use a frame made of steel. This has the significant advantage that steel much can contribute to weight and therefore colossal dimensions of gazebo are possible. Also can be personalized with steel-consuming embellishments attach to the individual struts, which greatly enhance the design of the gazebo.


Roof and side walls

The roof and side walls of a gazebo must be both water and wind resistant and robust and weatherproof. Finally, the parts must facilitate reliable protection against rain and the wind. You should, however, pay attention not only to the high quality of the materials used but also keep the design in mind. The gazebo should blend into the overall picture of the garden and also impress with looks and style. Using gorgeous accessories, such as decorative items and lighting, the own backyard gazebo can adequately decorate and adorn. So he is not only functional use, but it is also the center and focal point of your garden. Envious eyes of your guests are you so sure at the next barbecue party.

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