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Undoubtedly, price and service are the main factors to know what tent to buy. So today we want to get close a little more to our products because, although from the outside it seems that all the tents are equal, we know that is not true and, in fact, for our users is complicated often know the differences between a type of tents for sale and other.

This is something that happens to us we do not logically because we are all deal price day and service with types of tents, folding tents and are widely used in events or tensioned tents that are very fashionable. There are many types tents, but the important thing is that customers are satisfied not only with the product. When I refer to product, which is the tent itself, it is necessary to think that this tent has to meet our needs, that is, what we have imagined meeting the expectations of the garden with tent or that event tent must leave us with the inner sense of self, we have what we had to have.

That considering that a tent is not a building, so it can not meet the same needs as a house, a tent is a tent. But besides the product, there is another factor at the time of our choice. That is service. What is the service? I would say the service is anything that goes around the product because we are buying a product like sometimes we go to a store and sometimes to another. For example, we know that buy in the store is that slogan “if not satisfied your money” … because that’s service.

In the world of the tents, it is often difficult becomes aware that the customer is not buying a piece of cloth with sticks, but you are buying a tent. A tent is a structural element that has to be tested must be tested, it must have passed some tests. When structures are larger, you usually will ask for certificates of all kinds, structural, wind and fire. Because manufacturers of dangerous tents, and have in their tents production process of these elements certifying that the shelter technically meets the standards.

To summarize, there are two items that are necessary when buying a tent for an event or a wedding or garden. On the one hand, it is the product, and the other is service. Both are important. One is easier to visualize a priori, which in my opinion would be the product on duty, I think it is harder to assess at first to acquire a tent, either folding tent, removable tent, tent pavilion or military tent. All products require good and service for party tents

After this monolog about the product and service, you better think because, in BC tents, we are the company that a customer would have to choose when buying a tent. It turns out that, on the product side, we have the range of tents broader market sale, without a doubt! Dealing with many products, it causes us to know the ins and outs of many products, and that is very positive for the market to understand the tents better. As for the service, an experience of almost 25 years we are more than proud that many of our customers repeat and repeat year after year. What makes it not necessary to say that our service is excellent because they say our buyer’s tents.

So why rent folding tents if our price and quality are better resistant folding tents Have bought property and stored in our house, office or store? That’s what we think after all Because, We Have almost 25 years experience in the world of tents, that’s lucky for us. Yes, it is true That there are very cheap tents, but not to buying something That will not last even a single event, it comes to buying things thinking you need insurance That if today morning also. Because You have to be practical and try to buy long term. This requires buying quality tents.

That is all you need to know about the choice of party tent. Hope you find useful information here in this post. For more information, visit

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