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Healthy sleep – There must be the right pillow Uncategorized 

Healthy sleep – There must be the right pillow

Sleeping should be a bliss. That is why the importance of a good pillow, which is a sleep buddy, can not be underestimated. Nowadays, there is a wide range of offers on the market which may overwhelm you. Here, in this article, you will find advice when buying pillows to avoid a disaster night. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit

Why you need to consider for a healthy sleep

A good sleep is important for daily performance, health and well-being. About a third of our lives is spent in bed. We sleep. Many researches have shown that sleep does not only boost the recovery of muscles, skeleton and organs, it also arranges our head. The brain evaluates events of the day, erases data, or links to old learned data at night during sleep. Recreation and order are important for fitness, and well-being. Therefore, a good night sleep is essential to keep our body in good condition. For choosing the right bedding, you need a lot of time and good advice. One of the most important thing that must be taken into account for a good sleep is the pillow. Now, we explain what you need to look out for when making a purchase on this bedding elements: a pillow.

When buying pillows, we can make a whole lot of mistakes. Choosing pillows of wrong materials, height or size that do not support the sleeping position can bring out the pain in the neck or head the next day. Pain and tension can be the result. Luckily, we are here to share our knowledge in this field.

If you wake up with the neck is cocked, the shoulder is quite oblique, and the headaches or short of sleep, the chances are that the pillow you are lying on is the wrong one. Often, the pillow’s main function is to keep the head, neck and shoulder away from the pain. But actually neck tension often comes from hours of sitting in the wrong position during the day. Nevertheless, the pillow can become a magic weapon. If you sit the whole day, you should at least lie in the right position, so that the tense muscles can relax at night. However, the use of pillows is underestimated by almost everyone.


The cause of neck pain

Many pillows are supposed to support the neck while sleeping or else the cervical spine sag, the vertebral bodies press against one another on one side, and nerves can be pinched. To balance the vertebrae and the head in a favourable position, the musculature around the vertebra must work hard – this leads to tensions. For the purpose of avoiding this, opt for bamboo pillows.

How good is your own pillow?

Anyone who critically chooses his pillow is doing health care. However, you need to recheck or own pillow. The test is easy. Lay in bed, first on your back and then on the side. You must have someone sit next to the bed to check the course of the spine. Does the head strongly bend? Are the muscles strained? Are the back in a natural line? The relaxation feeling? If the pillows, mattress and slatted suit you, they keep your body together in the ideal state, which corresponds to the back posture.

Folding moulds for the pillow

There are 300 pillow types on the market. Approximately, three new ones came out per month according to some researches. In order not to have to try all, the sleep consultants have replaced the fist formula of the pillow with another. The traditional 80×80 giant feather pillows are now replaced by a smaller version of 40×80 fibre pillows for the better adapt to every body build.

Anyone who folds an 80×80-pillow in the middle in order to make it higher usually get hypertension. Therefore, it is not advised by all experts. It is better to change to a flatter pillow.

People who sleep on their back needs a flat pillow. Meanwhile, people who are among the ten percent of belly sleepers may need a special pillow. Not using a pillow is the wrong choice, because the muscles may be cramping. Who lies half on his stomach may need advice for the complete bedding, not the pillow only.

However, most people are mixed sleepers who sleep on their backs and on the side. If that is the case, you might need a pillow, which adapts, together with the mattress, to the sleeping positions. The harder the mattress is, the higher the cushion must be (the softer, the lower). The longer your neck, the more shaped the pillow should be to take over the holding function of the muscles at night (neck support pillow).

Pillow with adapted layers

If you do not want to invest directly in a new combination of slatted frame, mattress and matching pillow, you should go directly to the module pillow (about 100 euros). The module cushion has up to several layers and adapts itself to the sleeping position, while the neck support pillows change little.

If you are sleeping on a new pillow, the body has to get used to it. With a mini-muscle ache from four days to two weeks, one would have to consider replacing the pillow. Whoever uses a sample pad – usually an exhibition piece with a hygiene cover – should test it accordingly for a long time.


The shopping tips

If you are only looking for a head pillow, you have to test it in the shop on a mattress that is the same as your own. Mixed sleepers always test the pillow first in the back position, then in the side position. Just like with the test at home, someone here also has to stand by for a while. So always go shopping with another! Try to go shopping in the evening after hours of working. Then you will find a super pillow for yourself. The more neck problems one has, the longer he or she must try out the pillow. We recommend an average of 15 to 30 minutes.

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